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Rent to Own Air Conditioning Rental Program

This summer, you can stay cool and comfortable with our Peace of Mind Air Conditioning Rental Program. That’s because it’s affordable! Central air rental companies often charge you many times over for equipment that you will NEVER own. Our program gives you the satisfaction of knowing that your new cooling equipment will come with ownership.

The Difference

The Peace of Mind Program is offered in partnership with SNAP Home Finance, at an affordable monthly rate. Under the program, we install your new cooling system that comes with a 10 year warranty and annual maintenance plan. At the end of the rental agreement, you own your air conditioning system. If you choose to buy out of the rent-to-own plan, you won’t pay any penalties.

Heating and Cooling Rentals

Heating and Cooling Rentals

Peace of Mind

Peace of MindOur Peace of Mind Air Conditioning Rental Program is designed to provide Windsor area homeowners with some comforting assurances. This includes renting to own while receiving free maintenance, tune-ups, and repairs over a 10 year period.* Should something happen to your cooling system during that period, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re covered.

The rent-to-own program is an excellent alternative to having to pay large upfront costs for a new air conditioner, or renting an air conditioner on an ongoing basis.

If you would like a free air conditioning rental quote, contact us to arrange an appointment! One of our heating experts will provide you with a free analysis to help you determine the best heating system for your home.

Service Area

Windsor, Amherstburg, La Salle, Tecumseh, Leamington, Kingsville, Essex.

*some exclusions may apply.