Air Purification Systems in Windsor

Air Purification System
In the Windsor Region, air purification systems are needed to capture many of the pollutants and allergens that stay with us from spring to fall. Filters are not enough. With a whole home air purification system, you won’t have to suffer as up to 90% of the pollutants and allergens are caught by good air cleaning systems. Even though your furnace and air conditioner may be equipped with filters, they are not enough to completely remove the smallest airborne particles that can cause asthma or respiratory difficulties.

Whole Home Air Purification

Today’s homes are well sealed to help us save energy, but that causes indoor contaminants to be trapped and re-circulated. During spring and summer we can open the window for fresh air, but for those with allergies, this is not always the best option. During the winter or the oppressive heat and humidity of the summer, getting fresh air can become even more of a problem.

Create a year-round healthy indoor environment with advanced air purification technology. We can install systems that are similar to the air purification systems used in hospitals.

This system can capture up to 97% of airborne contaminants that are missed by a standard furnace filter.

In addition to pollen and dust, an integrated air filtration system can remove animal dander from pets, mold, smoke and odors. As the air passes through the unit, it is effectively sterilized leaving you breathing easier.

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Quality Service and Installation

Guaranteed Comfort can install an air purification system in any Windsor area home or office, integrating it with your existing furnace or central air conditioner. Our trained and professional technicians will answer all your questions, treating you and your home with courtesy and respect. When it comes time to service your equipment, we will provide a complete inspection to make sure that you will be comfortable and healthy no matter the season.

Service Area

Our service area includes all of Windsor and Essex County, which includes the communities of Tecumseh, Amherstburg, Leamington, Kingsville, Essex, and Lakeshore.

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