Heating & Furnace Installation in Windsor

Lennox FurnaceModern high-efficiency furnaces save you more money than ever. If your furnace is more than 20 years old, you may be spending up to 50% more on energy costs. Energy ratings have increased by as much as 30% since 1990. You can significantly reduce your gas bill by installing a furnace with an efficiency rating as high as 97%. We offer brands with multi-speed features, built-in humidity monitors, specialty filters and many other comfort-enhancing options. Combined with a programmable thermostat, you will experience maximum comfort at all times of day or night.

Furnace Maintenance

You never know when that first frost is going to appear. That’s why it’s important to get annual furnace maintenance in the early autumn. Making sure your furnace is ready to face the harsh winter is our priority. Our specially trained and professional technicians will perform a routine maintenance inspection on your heating equipment, making sure that your furnace is functioning at its optimal level.

  • Inspection of the heat exchanger
  • Cleaning of permanent filters
  • Replacement of disposable filters
  • Ducts checked for air flow blockage or congestion
  • Check gas pressure
  • Safety checks on controls, igniters, sensors and switches
  • Recommendations for replacing worn, cracked or inefficient parts

Napoleon Furnaces

Why Do We Install More Napoleon Furnaces Than Any Other Company?

Not only are Napoleon Furnaces Canadian made, the quality is outstanding and the reliability is second to none.
The following video will give you a good overview about the company and its product.

We Service All Makes and Models!