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Residential and Commercial Boilers / Boiler Repairs

Boilers aren’t like you remember from your grandpa’s basement. Today’s boilers are just as energy efficient as furnaces and heat pumps. No matter the fuel used to operate your boiler, Guaranteed Comfort of Windsor can inspect, maintain and repair your boiler system. For boiler repairs, call us now!

Boiler Maintenance

Because your boiler uses both fuel (or electricity) and water, regular maintenance inspections are even more important. Our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians will inspect both your boiler, and the baseboards or radiators to make sure that your heating system is as efficient as possible.

Maintenance inspections include:
  • The condition of the boiler
  • Vents, heat exchanger and flue
  • Air intake and pressure adjustments
  • Pumps and igniters
  • System controls
  • Carbon monoxide alarms
  • Check for backdrafts and leaks

Boiler Installation

Because they run on a variety of fuels, boilers can provide flexibility in options and distribution systems. Boilers can be fueled by wood (pellets), natural gas, oil or electricity. They can also provide heat through the use of water or heated air, although hydronic systems tend to be more efficient. Hybrid systems use heat exchangers to turn hot water into heated air. In addition to providing heat, boilers can also provide domestic hot water, saving you the need of a hot water heater.

Service Area

Our service area includes all of Windsor and Essex County, which includes the communities of Tecumseh, Amherstburg, Leamington, Kingsville, Essex, and Lakeshore.

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