Professional Mini-Split Services in Windsor

Split Systems, Multi-Split Systems, or Split-Ductless Systems

Ductless Split Systems are the perfect solution for Windsor area homes and businesses where traditional heating and cooling is not the best option, or where your main system needs a little help. Ductless systems deliver air directly into different areas of your home or business and are a cost-effective way to replace space heaters and inefficient window units.

Ideal uses for Ductless Split Systems:

  • Century homes with no ductwork
  • Sunrooms, Florida rooms, enclosed porches
  • Pool house, guest cottage, mother-in-law suite
  • Rooms prone to irregular temperatures
  • Converted garages, sheds, attics

Even if you have an efficient heating and cooling system, some rooms may be difficult to regulate due to environmental temperature fluctuations. Home additions that are not supplied by your furnace or air conditioner may need a ductless system in order to maintain year-round comfort.

Compact Comfort

Ductless mini-systems can provide amazing heating and cooling comfort without taking up a lot of space. These high efficiency compact systems consist of a wall or ceiling mounted indoor unit and a small outdoor compressor. Despite their small size, ductless systems provide a powerful amount of Guaranteed Comfort. Let us provide you will a flexible solution for single zoned heating and cooling.

Optimal Installation

Installing a ductless system involves more than picking a spot on your wall. At Guaranteed Comfort, our cooling technicians know that ductless systems must be sized according to the area they will be servicing. Units that are too small or too large are inefficient and not cost-effective.

We will make sure that the indoor unit is located optimally in order to increase its efficiency, while helping you to choose the right components for your heating and cooling comfort. Humidity control; floor, ceiling or wall mount; and multi-split expansion are all options you might need to consider.

Split System
Ductless Split Systems are comprised of a small outdoor unit and one or more indoor units.

Advantages of Ductless Cooling and Heating Systems

  • Flexible solutions for both location and installation
  • Overall savings as they operate on less power
  • Improved air quality with multi-stage filtration
  • Greater energy efficiency and environmentally friendly
  • Easy to install and less invasive

Service Area

Our service area includes all of Windsor and Essex County, which includes the communities of Tecumseh, Amherstburg, Leamington, Kingsville, Essex, and Lakeshore.

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