What Type Of Water Heater Is Most Energy Efficient?

February 18, 2021

You rely on your Windsor, ON, water heater to supply plenty of hot water for showers, cooking, cleaning and laundry. In a typical household, heating water accounts for about 20% of your annual energy expenses. When it’s time to replace your water heater, choosing one that’s energy-efficient will save you money, reduce your home’s carbon footprint and add convenience to your life. At , we install a range of tankless and conventional storage-tank water heaters to suit your needs and budget. Use these tips to choose the most energy-efficient water heater for your home. Tankless Water Heaters Tankless water heaters...

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3 Key Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

July 17, 2019

When it’s time to replace the water heater in their home, many homeowners in Windsor are installing a tankless water heater. These wall-mounted units offer a number of benefits. Here are three. Tankless Water Heaters Use Less Energy Tankless water heaters use anywhere from 30% to 50% less energy than a unit that has a tank. This can save you around $100 a year or more depending on how much water your family uses. Tankless units are nice because they heat water as you need it. Most tankless systems operate with natural gas or propane. The big thing that they...

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