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    Furnace Repair in Lakeshore, ON

    If you’re looking for reputable furnace services in Lakeshore, ON, contact Guaranteed Comfort Heating & Cooling. Winters in Ontario can be very cold, so you can’t afford to be without a functioning furnace. We’ve been performing efficient heating repairs for residential and commercial customers throughout the Windsor area for more than 50 years.

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    Our HVAC company is fully licensed and insured. We provide our skilled technicians with the latest equipment and tools they need to do their jobs the right way. We source high-quality parts from reputable manufacturers for all the heater repairs we undertake. Our technicians are so efficient, they may help save you money on labor costs. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    Helping Your Furnace Run Smoothly

    It’s usually pretty obvious when your heating system isn’t functioning the way it was engineered to function.

    Furnace Repair Experts in Lakeshore, ON

    Here are some signs:
    • Soaring utility bills
    • Strange noises
    • Cold air
    • Unusual amounts of dust

    Your furnace will stay on longer if it’s struggling to heat your home, and that means your monthly energy bills may rise dramatically. Furnaces typically make some sort of noise, but if you hear your furnace clanking, knocking or squealing, that may mean one of its components has come loose.

    If your furnace fails to heat your house at all, you may be experiencing an issue with a blower fan motor or a heat exchanger. Dust buildup can indicate furnace filters that need to be changed or ductwork that needs to be cleaned.

    The problem you’re experiencing with your furnace is not going to go away on its own. Let Guaranteed Comfort Heating & Cooling provide your Lakeshore home or office with the heating repairs that will increase your furnace’s operational lifespan.

    Lakeshore Technicians Save You Money

    At Guaranteed Comfort Heating & Cooling, we spend a lot of time thinking of ways we can help our customers throughout Lakeshore save time and money. We’re a furnace repair contractor that understands your time is important. When you book a service call, our technicians will always show up promptly. We fine-tune the heating repairs we do to optimize furnace efficiency, which means your energy bills will drop.

    In addition to furnace repairs, furnace installations, and furnace maintenance, we also offer repairs and maintenance for heat pumps, boilers and water heaters. We provide a comparable range of services for air conditioning systems as well, including AC repair. We have the expertise to tailor your heating and cooling systems to the specific requirements of your home. We’re the heating experts you can build a long-term relationship with. Call our office today to schedule your free estimate.