Are Annual Furnace Inspections Necessary?


Some homeowners wonder if it is really necessary to have their furnace inspected once a year by an HVAC specialist. They may think they can do annual inspections themselves to save a little money. There are a few good reasons to make an appointment each year with your HVAC company.

Your Warranty May Require It

Furnace manufacturers put legal language in their documents stating that damage caused by improper maintenance is not covered. To avoid having the warranty voided, professional maintenance should be done. Some HVAC specialists say that you can have a newer furnace serviced every other year, while those over 10 years old need an annual inspection.

It Could Result in a Costly Headache

Annual inspections can find issues before they become a big problem. You could have your furnace go out in the middle of a cold snap, necessitating a costly emergency visit from an HVAC professional. It has been reported that 75% of calls about broken furnaces come from homeowners who have been neglecting getting them inspected.

It Can Make Your Home Safer

The HVAC technician will check your gas furnace to make sure carbon monoxide is not entering your home. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be deadly, so this check is extremely important. The technician will also usually check the vent system to make sure there are not any obstructions or leaks. They will analyze the combustion gasses to make sure your furnace is operating correctly, too.

Can You Check Your Own Furnace?

This is not a task homeowners should do on their own, unless they happen to be HVAC technicians. There are complicated components to check, such as the blower wheel, which might need to be removed or cleaned.

Your Local HVAC Professional

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Chris Egan


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