Get Your new Furnace now before there is Stock delays

November 23, 2021

Never  has there been a more important year than this year to get your new furnace.   Dead of winter causes risk of freezing pipes and uncomfortable living conditions.  With stock limited to dealers this year, be pro-active and get a free quote to get your furnace replaced now before its to late.

Save $1500 on a YORK system!

September 14, 2021

Through the month of September, save $1500 on a York system! Beat the winter and save today!  Why wait for the coldest day to see if your furnace will survive the winter.  We can get you the piece of mind today knowing that your system will be ready for the upcoming season!  Guaranteed comfort knows how to keep you comfortable with our licensed installers and technicians, so call us TODAY!

How Energy Efficient Are Heat Pumps?

March 18, 2021

Many American homes use conventional HVAC systems for their air conditioning needs. These are either electric or gas units, and some are quite inefficient. Luckily, there’s a better and more energy-efficient substitute you should consider exploring: heat pumps. There are various types of heat pumps. Today, air-source heat pumps are the most popular. Even though a lot of people associate them with heating, they can also cool. They pull heat from outside and use it to heat a house, but they can also do the opposite to cool a home. If your property doesn’t have ducts, don’t worry; they also...

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What is a Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit?

January 21, 2021

Winters in Windsor, ON, are long and cold. If you’re tired of paying exorbitant heating costs every winter season, a heat recovery ventilation unit could be the solution you need. At , we install energy-efficient heat recovery ventilators that enhance your home’s comfort, lower wintertime heating costs, and decrease your home’s carbon footprint. What Does a Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit Consist of? A heat recovery ventilation unit collects heat from one source of air and transfers it to another source of air. The source of heat is the exhaust gas. A heat recovery ventilation unit can be paired with a...

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HVAC Maintenance Tips for Fall

September 20, 2020

Autumn weather will soon arrive in Windsor, ON, and the surrounding communities. You’ll be transitioning from air conditioning to heating by the end of the autumn season. Now is an ideal time to make sure your home’s heating and cooling system is ready for fall. Use these five maintenance tips to boost your comfort and save money. 1. Replace the Air Filter One of the fastest yet most important maintenance tasks for you to perform on your heating and cooling system is replacing the air filter. The tiny pores in the air filter capture dust and other particles. After about...

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Ways to Extend the Life of an HVAC System

May 11, 2020

Whether you perform general research or go right to the owner’s manual, you won’t see a specific date for when your HVAC system needs replacing. You’ll likely see generic time frames, such as 10-15 years. Ten years is a decent lifespan, but you probably want to see the HVAC remain operational for the full 15 years, if not longer. If you wish to extend the life of your home’s HVAC unit, doing so might be possible, but expect to follow a few essential steps necessary for keeping the unit running. Here are some things to keep in mind: Don’t Overwork...

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Why is my Thermostat in Recovery Mode?

April 15, 2020

A programmable thermostat turns on hot or cold air to reach a specified room temperature. If you want your room to achieve a specified temperature at a predetermined time, you will need the services of a programmable thermostat fitted with recovery mode functionality. What Is Recovery Mode? A programmable thermostat with recovery mode is significantly different from a normal heat regulator. Normal thermostats will spring into action at the specified time, working gradually to achieve your desired temperature. However, a recovery mode programmable thermostat starts working well before your specified time so that it can achieve the desired temperature when...

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Addressing Uneven Cooling in a Home

June 26, 2019

understands how uncomfortable a hot house can be in Windsor, ON. A variety of issues can cause uneven cooling where certain rooms in your home to stay hot while others are being cooled down. Having to change the clothing you’re wearing as you move from room to room can be a hassle. Fortunately, keeping your house at an even and cool temperature can be done. Dealing With Uneven Cooling If your home isn’t being cooled evenly, there are several steps you can take. To ensure that cool air is reaching the spaces you want, make sure that the proper air...

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3 Tips for Choosing an HVAC Contractor You Can Trust

June 1, 2019

The HVAC contractor you use to install a new system or repair the appliance throughout the year will determine how well it operates and the comfort level of your home. Although there are many technicians available in most areas, they all have different levels of training and expertise, which will affect the quality of service you receive. Here are three tips for choosing an HVAC contractor in Windsor who you can trust. 1. Ask Your Family Members and Friends The best way to find a contractor you can rely on is to ask your family members and friends for referrals...

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Find the Best HVAC Contractor for Your Home

April 10, 2019

It can be hard to find the right contractor to work on your system. However, there are a few things that you can do to choose the best company for the job. You will want to find a company that will provide a high quality of work at an affordable rate. Here are a few ways you can find a reputable HVAC company. Always Research the Contractor Before you hire a contractor, you will want to research their credentials. If you are looking for customer reviews, you can browse plenty of online sites. You may want to check the company’s...

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