How Often Should You Have Your Boiler Serviced?


Like all residential heating equipment, boilers should be professionally serviced annually. These yearly check-ups keep boilers working safely and efficiently. They also extend the life spans of radiant heating systems, limit the need for costly repairs, and keep home energy bills at a modest, manageable level. Scheduling service just before the start of the cold weather will prime your boiler for all of the challenges it’s guaranteed to face. While we recommend annual maintenance, sometimes there may be good reasons to service the boiler in your Windsor, ON home more often. Read on to find out when and why.

Buying a Home

If you recently purchased a home with a boiler, you’ll want to have your heating equipment professionally serviced right away. After all, you can’t be too sure that prior homeowners gave your heating system regular and sufficient maintenance or that your equipment isn’t poised to malfunction. Even if your current boiler was verifiably serviced within the past few months, this initial service will give you greater insight into the boiler’s age, performance, and more.

Your Boiler Is Making Strange Sounds

Many consumers are conditioned to believe that boilers are inherently noisy. In reality, they shouldn’t be. If your boiler has started making regular clicking, ticking, banging, or clanging sounds, it’s time to have it inspected and maintained. You might be dealing with:

  • A boiler leak
  • Low water pressure
  • Pest infestation

It never hurts to have a licensed professional check your boiler out more than once each year. Scheduling service when your boiler suddenly becomes noisy could help you catch and resolve minor problems before they spiral out of control.

Aging Boiler

Most residential boilers are expected to last approximately 15 years. However, a number of these units lose a considerable amount of their efficiency after just 10 years of service, and they’re usually riddled with worn parts. This is especially true in homes with high heating demand.

If you know that the boiler in your Windsor home is subjected to high levels of stress throughout the heating season, consider having it inspected and serviced just before winter starts and immediately after it’s ended. During the second service visit, our technicians can prepare your heating equipment for an extended period of dormancy.

Check Your Warranties

Like all new heating and cooling equipment, new boilers come with manufacturer warranties. These warranties cover repairs for problems that are the result of defective materials or manufacturing. To keep warranty issuers protected, they come with detailed requirements for homeowners. For instance, to keep your warranty active, your boiler must be correctly sized for your home and installed by a licensed professional. It should also receive thorough maintenance service at least once each year. By reading through your manufacturer warranty in its entirety, you can make sure that you’re always compliant with its terms and that you aren’t in danger of having this important coverage voided.

It’s also a good idea to learn more about the boiler maintenance requirements set forth in other warranties and policies. For instance, if your boiler is covered by your home warranty or your home insurance plan, the related agreements for this coverage will outline all that you’re required to do to keep your boiler in top condition. While most only require annual boiler service, there may be special requirements for maintenance as your boiler ages or based on your household size, boiler type, or heating system configuration.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Pay attention to your home energy bills from season to season. If you’re paying a lot more to heat your home this year than you did in years past, it might be time for a boiler replacement or additional boiler maintenance. Upon inspecting your unit, our technicians can help you find the most cost-effective way to keep your home heating system working efficiently and on par with the needs of your household.

What Does a Residential Boiler Service Include?

During a residential boiler service, HVAC technicians start the boiler, test its pressure levels, and perform comprehensive visual inspections. They look for leaks and loose connections, damaged flues, and more. They also remove the boiler casing to inspect heat exchangers, electrodes, main injectors, and burners. Worn and damaged components are swapped out, and the surrounding area is checked for combustible or flammable materials. We finish our boiler maintenance service by compiling detailed reports that homeowners can share with home warranty companies, home insurance companies, and product manufacturers as needed.

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