How Clean Is Your Indoor Air?


For over 25 years, Guaranteed Comfort Heating & Cooling has been providing indoor air quality services to the residents of the Windsor/Essex County area. You may think about us primarily as the people you call when you have an issue with your heating or cooling system. However, homeowners are starting to ask if we can help improve their indoor air quality, as well. If the air inside your home is not clean, it can have serious effects on your health.

Common Indoor Air Impurities

Irritants and impurities come in different shapes and sizes. The largest particles are the types you can see floating in the air when the sun shines through a window. This is a mixture of household dust, pet dander and seasonal pollen grains. At the next level down in size, you will find mold spores and dust mites. Both of these irritants depend on moisture and will be concentrated in places like your bathroom if you do not use a ventilation fan. Finally, you get to the microscopic level of bacteria and viruses. When these organisms get airborne, they can spread illness throughout your home.

Signs of Poor Air Quality

The most common signs of poor air quality are allergy symptoms like a runny nose or scratchy throat. If you have cold symptoms that will not go away, your indoor air may be the problem. Other signs of compromised air quality include headaches, poor sleep, nausea and fatigue. Pay attention to how you feel when you are out of the house for a few days. If your symptoms improve, you may want someone to evaluate your air quality.

Air Purification Systems: A Professional Solution

One of the ways the experts at Guaranteed Comfort Heating & Cooling can address your air quality issues is by installing a whole-home air purification system. These systems go beyond the cleaning power of a standard furnace filter, removing 90% of all airborne impurities. Air purification can go a long way in improving the well-being of your family.

At Guaranteed Comfort Heating & Cooling in Windsor, we are dedicated to the home comfort of our clients. We can help you with the installation, repair and maintenance of all sorts of equipment including furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners as well as air purification systems. Contact Guaranteed Comfort Heating & Cooling today and let us help you breathe easy all year.

Chris Egan


Chris Egan, owner of Guaranteed Comfort Heating & Cooling, brings over 35 years of HVAC experience. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, he delivers top-notch heating and cooling solutions.