How To Change a Furnace Filter


Maintaining a home requires more than simply paying your mortgage and keeping up with your property’s landscaping. Your home appliances, plumbing system, and HVAC system require ongoing maintenance to help extend the life span of your biggest investment. Use these tips to quickly identify and change your furnace filter regularly for optimal performance of your heating system.

Consider the Filter You Require

Consider the type of furnace filter you need in order to replace the current one in place. Research the make, model, and type of heater you have in your home as well as the current filter you have. Simply locate the air filter panel and lift the furnace filter out to read the brand, size, and type of filter you’re using.

Simple Instructions to Change Your Furnace Filter

  • Locate the air filter panel: Find this and remove the covering to expose the filter.
  • Turn off the power: Turn off the power to your heater before you remove your furnace’s filter or attempt to replace the current filter.
  • Remove furnace filter: Lift the furnace filter out of the air filter panel.
  • Note markings, measurements, and instructions: Take note of any measurements, markings, and instructions on your current furnace filter to help with the alignment and installation of your new filter.
  • Install your new furnace filter: Ensure the alignment and placement of your new furnace filter match up to how your older filter was previously installed. Install your new filter properly in the place of your old one. Replace the covering to your air filter panel and turn the furnace back on.

Let the Pros Handle the Job

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