The Advantages of Regular Maintenance on Your Air Conditioner


Imagine that you’re relaxing in the air conditioning on a hot and muggy summer day. Suddenly, you hear a jarring sound, or you notice that something just feels off. An instant later, the cool air stops blowing, and you’re left without a functioning unit in the middle of the hot season. Regular maintenance on the air conditioner could have prevented this problem from happening. In addition to saving you the headache of a broken unit at the height of the summer, booking regular maintenance has other benefits to offer as well.

Preserved Warranty

If you’re like many homeowners, you likely have a warranty on your home’s air conditioning system. However, you also probably have to fulfill certain terms and conditions in order to prevent voiding the warranty. One of those conditions may involve regular maintenance. If you don’t have the unit maintained on a regular basis, the warranty may be voided. This means that your warranty wouldn’t be able to help in the event of major problems with the unit.

Preventative Measures

Even when you don’t currently notice problems with the air conditioner, issues could be starting to brew beneath the surface. During the maintenance appointment, one of our skilled team members will look for any potential troubles. They will inform you if immediate service is needed to prevent the problem from growing. Don’t ignore seemingly minor problems with the unit. These issues can quickly grow, and our technicians can spot such troubles during your maintenance appointment.

Better Functioning

You can increase the functionality of your home’s air conditioning unit by booking regular maintenance. If, for example, you’ve noticed that the temperatures don’t feel quite as cool lately as in the past, a maintenance appointment can reveal the issue. Our technicians work to ensure that your air conditioner stays up and running throughout the hot season.

Increased Longevity

Getting regular maintenance on the system can also help the air conditioner to last longer. You can talk with one of our trained specialists to get an idea of your current system’s expected longevity. Regardless of the system’s estimated lifespan, though, you can feel confident that regular maintenance will increase the number of years that you get out of the unit.

Decreased Cost for Repairs

Some people avoid booking their maintenance appointments because they are nervous about the costs associated with doing so. However, the fact is that skipping these important appointments can actually lead to more costs in the long term. If you don’t have the system checked out, fairly minor problems could turn into major ones, thereby causing you to have to spend more money on repairs. In fact, the unit might break entirely, necessitating a costly replacement of the entire system.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Our technicians can also identify issues with your air conditioner that might be using up too much energy. For example, if one of the internal components isn’t functioning at full capacity, the system might use more energy to compensate for that problem. As a result, you could be seeing higher energy bills. Our technicians can provide you with solutions to help lower those bills. During the appointment, you can ask about other energy-efficient upgrades too.

Established Relationships

When you regularly book maintenance with the same company, you can feel a sense of relief, comfort, and reliability when the technicians arrive. Instead of having to provide the full history of your system to a representative at a new company each time, our informed team members can simply refer to their records regarding your home’s air conditioning units.

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