Warning Signs That Your Furnace Is Broken


Furnace problems can start out subtle. If you do not fix them, however, you can end up without heat right when you need it the most. Being able to notice when something is wrong with your furnace will help you address the problem before it gets worse. Try to keep an eye out for these key signs that you need to get furnace repair.

Yellow Pilot Light

Call a technician right away if you notice the pilot light inside the furnace is yellow. This can be a sign of a carbon monoxide leak.

Odd Types of Air Blowing

Chilly air coming straight out of the furnace is a definite sign that something is not working right. You should also be on the lookout for air that blows weakly or air that seems abnormally dusty.

Strange Noises

A common sign that you need a furnace repair is any sort of strange noise, including:

  • Thumping
  • Banging
  • Scraping
  • Hissing
  • Popping
  • Squealing

An Older Furnace

Even if you do not notice any other signs that there is a problem with your furnace, you may want to get it checked out if it is on the older side. Usually, once a furnace reaches 15 to 20 years old, it starts to perform less efficiently.

Abnormally High Utility Bills

Take a look at your current and past utility bills to see if there is an unexplained spike in prices even though you have not been using the furnace more. This is a sign that the furnace is working extra hard without actually managing to increase heat.

At Guaranteed Comfort Heating & Cooling, we have plenty of experience installing and repairing furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, tankless water heaters, air purification systems, AC units, and more. If you notice any signs of a broken furnace, call us today to schedule an inspection or repair. Our exceptional crew of technicians is available to service customers throughout Windsor and the surrounding areas.

Chris Egan


Chris Egan, owner of Guaranteed Comfort Heating & Cooling, brings over 35 years of HVAC experience. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, he delivers top-notch heating and cooling solutions.