What are the Types of Smart Thermostats?

October 17, 2020

Smart thermostats are forms of home automation that allow you to virtually control temperatures in your indoor space. There are arrays of digital thermostats based on the type of technology that they use. You can adjust heat or cold in your home by connecting the component to your tablet, smartphone or mobile app. At , we take you through the different categories of smart thermostats in detail. Programmable Thermostats With programmable thermostats, you can program your ideal temperature that suits your schedule and lifestyle. The best part is that some brands allow you to modify the temperature that you want...

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How Does a Thermostat Work?

February 10, 2020

Keeping your home’s thermostat in good condition is important to ensure accurate readings and indoor comfort. Many people don’t think about the thermostat until something goes wrong with it. Here is an explanation of how thermostats work and modern features you can choose in a thermostat to save money. Mechanical vs. Digital Thermostats All thermostats fundamentally work in the same way. They monitor the temperature inside the home and signal for the heating or cooling system to turn on when the temperature falls below the set point. Once the temperature reaches the set point, it signals the heating or cooling...

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Thermostat Best Practices for Fall

October 1, 2019

In Windsor, we’re looking forward to the change of seasons, but is your thermostat ready? While that might sound like a funny question, it’s something that could save you on energy usage and extend the life of your heating system. We’ve taken a moment to provide you with some best practices that you can put into play this fall. Upgrade Your Thermostat If you’re still using an older dial thermostat, you’ll want to consider upgrading to a unit that allows for programming. Some units are designed to be used with Wi-Fi and can be adjusted even away from home. You’ll...

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