What are the Types of Smart Thermostats?


Smart thermostats are forms of home automation that allow you to virtually control temperatures in your indoor space. There are arrays of digital thermostats based on the type of technology that they use. You can adjust heat or cold in your home by connecting the component to your tablet, smartphone or mobile app. At Guaranteed Comfort Heating & Cooling, we take you through the different categories of smart thermostats in detail.

Programmable Thermostats

With programmable thermostats, you can program your ideal temperature that suits your schedule and lifestyle. The best part is that some brands allow you to modify the temperature that you want every day for an entire week. Other models will give you the possibility of setting different heating and cooling modes for weekends and weekdays. The highlight is that you can program arrays of temperature settings for each day of the week using other brands.

Programmable thermostats are highly flexible and can work with Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings. You can also pair it with Wink, provided you have a strong Wi-Fi connection. Plus, you can change the schedule setting as you please to meet your comfort needs.

Connected Smart Thermostats

Connected smart thermostats enable you to control temperatures in your house seamlessly. The only thing they don’t do is to learn your schedule. You will need the internet or Wi-Fi to link it to your phone for virtual operation. You can’t operate the device when you are offline. The thermostats function well with Alexa, simplifying your work.

We can install connected smart thermostats within a short time since they aren’t complicated. After that, you can access them from any location using an app or mobile device.

Learning Smart Thermostats

As the name implies, these smart thermostats will learn the temperatures you like based on your preferences and habits. One of the top features is their ability to sense when you are in the house or not. After learning, the device builds a schedule depending on what time you get in and out of your home. Thus, it can automatically set the desired temperatures before you arrive at your residence.

If it is summer, the thermostat will pre-cool your house before you get there. During the winter, it will pre-heat your indoor space so that you find it warm. Plus, when you adjust your lifestyle, learning smart thermostats change to suit your schedule. The thermostats feature remote sensors that control temperatures in various rooms. They are energy efficient since the HVAC unit doesn’t need to be on all the time.

Zoned Smart Thermostats

Zoned thermostats allow you to control heating and cooling in individual rooms. This will help you conserve energy. You will enjoy low utility bills since the device heats and cools specific zones. It is advantageous since you don’t have to set temperatures for the whole house.

Also, you can heat or cool the desired rooms at specific times. Typically, you have total control since you can adjust the temperatures as you wish. Some models give you the ability to divide your home into different smart zones. If you aren’t using a room, you don’t have to heat or cool it at all. You can access the device remotely and select the ideal temperatures that you prefer.

Zoned-Learning Smart Thermostats

These thermostats incorporate zoned and learning features in their operation. They are advanced and can meet all your comfort expectations. Zoned-learning smart thermostats learn your usual schedule and know when rooms are occupied or not. Therefore, they can automatically schedule cooling and heating for the room based on your preference.

The thermostats will help you conserve power since they warm or cool a specific area at a precise time. It means that when a room isn’t in use, the HVAC won’t run in that area. The devices can also detect when you open a window or door and will turn off the heating or cooling to save energy.


You can count on us to help you select the best thermostat based on your budget and lifestyle. Smart thermostats that can help you save on energy costs are the ideal ones to consider. Our team of certified technicians will install the device and test if it is working. With our many years of experience, you can expect high-quality installation.

Contact us at Guaranteed Comfort Heating & Cooling for exceptional smart thermostat installation. We also offer HVAC repairs and maintenance and can assist with water heaters and indoor air quality products for your home or business in Windsor, ON.

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