How Does a Thermostat Work?


Keeping your home’s thermostat in good condition is important to ensure accurate readings and indoor comfort. Many people don’t think about the thermostat until something goes wrong with it. Here is an explanation of how thermostats work and modern features you can choose in a thermostat to save money.

Mechanical vs. Digital Thermostats

All thermostats fundamentally work in the same way. They monitor the temperature inside the home and signal for the heating or cooling system to turn on when the temperature falls below the set point. Once the temperature reaches the set point, it signals the heating or cooling system to turn off.

Mechanical thermostats have two bits of metal inside that expand and contract based on the temperature changes. The expansion and contraction of these metal strips trigger the heating or cooling system to turn on or off. Mechanical thermostats aren’t as accurate as digital thermostats. The temperature may vary 5 degrees higher or lower than the set point.

Digital thermostats use electronic sensors to read the home’s temperature and send signals to the heating or cooling system. The temperature only varies within 1 degree of the set point in a digital thermostat.

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Available Features in a Thermostat

Thermostats have become more high-tech, with features that include sensing when people are in the home and programmability. Smart thermostats give you remote control over them, so you can check and regulate your home’s temperature while you’re out by using your smartphone. If the thermostat is programmable, you can give it instructions to adjust the temperature at certain times of the day. You may program it to let the home get 5 degrees cooler while you’re at work and to warm up again by the time you return home. Guaranteed Comfort Heating & Cooling has programmable smart thermostats available for residents in Windsor and surrounding areas.

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